How do I generate log files?

NOTE: This should only be done when asked by the support staff from the vendor.

Generate Logs is an application that compresses all the log files related to your ARIA products in a single file, making it easy to send to the support staff. This file is put on your desktop and named "Aria Logs - your name.tar.gz" .

If you activated the Generate Logs application multiple times, the most recent will keep the same naming scheme, while the older one(s) are renamed "Aria Logs - your name(date and time).tar.gz". Please attach all of them to the email for the support staff.


Where do I find this application?


For ARIA Player: Start Menu -> Garritan ARIA Player -> Generate Logs

For chipsounds: Start Menu -> Plogue -> chipsounds -> Generate Logs

For chipspeech: Start Menu -> all programs ->Plogue -> chipspeech -> Generate Logs 

For Alter/Ego: Start Menu -> all programs ->Plogue -> AlterEgo -> Generate Logs

For sforzando: Start Menu -> all programs ->Plogue -> sforzando -> Generate Logs

For chipcrusher: Start Menu -> all programs ->Plogue -> chipcrusher -> Generate Logs

For all products If no Start menu shortcut is installed: C:(or your os drive)/Program Files/Plogue/ARIA/AriaReporter.exe



For ARIA Player: /Applications/Garritan ARIA Player/Generate Logs

For chipsounds: /Applications/Plogue chipsounds/Generate Logs

For all other products: /Library/Application Support/Plogue/Aria/





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