Scala, Import feature does not work!

QUESTION: I have just been trying the Scala Import feature of GPO4, and it doesn't seem to be working. I import a different scale, its name appears beside the Import button as expected, but there is no change to the sounds produced.

I realise that the differences between some scales can be subtle and difficult to hear, however I have tried some really weird ones from the Scala site (13 and 17 note scales) and still can hear no difference.

Or is there something else one is supposed to do beyond simply using the Import button?


ANSWER:  Yes, theres is a bug in the shipped version of ARIA Player where only the scala files in the default scala files folder will actually be loaded.

So if you want to import scala files you have to place them in here (on windows)

C:\Program Files\Garritan\ARIA Player\Scales (windows)

and under similar path under OSX.

The bug is already fixed. Get the latest update.